Worldhealer's Emerging Leaders Program

Worldhealer’s Emerging Leaders Program is designed to offer leadership and entrepreneurship training to young adults who run the entirety of our club with supervision from our Executive Director and our Professional Staff. Our program has been designed to run as a small business, providing emerging leaders with the opportunity to learn hard and soft skills by participating in our Academic, Fund Development, and Communications Committees.


The Emerging Leaders Program builds leadership and entrepreneurial skills in university-aged students by providing a 7-week Leadership Training focused on developing hard and soft skills, while fostering a clearer sense of self-identity and professionalism. These skills include leadership, conflict management, presenting and public speaking, audience analysis, marketing, team-building, professional email writing, organizational and time management. As a member, they not only learn these skills but also share their own knowledge and experiences with other Worldhealer members, becoming a part of our community.


Our program strongly emphasizes mentorship which is embedded in our internal leadership structure, and is also supported in the relationship between our interns and university-aged volunteers, and our Teen Global Awareness Club participants. This allows our organizational members to pass on understanding and inspiration to younger students, encouraging growth and development for our teens and for our university-aged volunteers.

Click HERE to learn more about Worldhealer's Global Awareness Program at UCSB

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"Roxana’s devotion has been 
indispensable to the progress I have made since 2011 when I moved to the United States for college. It was my first time away from home and I lost my father when I was alone. Roxana cultivated a safe and trusting space in which she encouraged me to reflect on my feelings and identify my personal strength to get me through that very stressful time in my life. She helped me see how my positive qualities could contribute to my success in reaching the outcomes that I desire. She actively helped me develop my ability in problem solving, time organization, crisis management and leadership. Roxana has assisted me in developing my resume and empowered me to go after the career that I have worked so hard for and not to ever give up". 

-Paris Mo, Program Coordinator


 - Paris Mo, former student

"By generously offering me her time and energy, her friendship and her belief in me, even in the face of some of the hardest challenges I have faced in my life, Roxana has taught me that the boundaries between people are arbitrary and there should be no limitations on whom we can befriend and empathize with, as long as we can be respectful and find the right way to get to know each other without prejudice and judgment. She continues to encourage me to develop myself and empowers me to have the vision and confidence to start again when faced with setbacks. Her mentorship has assisted me to find clarity on how to better navigate life, laying down the foundation for me to be proactive in my progress. Thanks to Roxana’s dedication, I have developed stronger leadership, organizational and communication skills and have more confidence in myself."     

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