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Holly contributed by helping finish the YMC grant and writing the Change Happens Grant while she was in the fund development committee. She also helped run the winter dance fundraiser in December of 2019.  While on the academic team she helped on updating and reorganizing the Worldhealers database system and cataloging our archive system. She also created and presented global awareness workshops at Notre Dame school multiple times.  She had a significant role in the development of  the “Know the Past, Shape the Future” workshop in honor of black history month.

“I think I made a positive impact on the second and third graders that I did workshops with. I also learned valuable communication, business and leadership skills, as well as expanded my knowledge of the world and diversity of people and cultures. I love that GAC gave me the opportunity to meet new people, think creatively, and feel as if I am a part of a group who is making a difference. I really enjoyed helping the kids with the activity for the Martin Luther King Jr. workshop, and their excitement when I hung up the banner they made of their goals, dreams and role models in the classroom. The dance fundraiser was also a highlight. Just being able to run such a large, successful event was fun and satisfying!”

Holly Becker

Fall 2019-Spring 2020

Major: Psychological and Brain Sciences

Graduated: June 2020

Committees: Academic (leader winter and spring quarter) and Fund Development (fall quarter)

Nikolina Trgo

Spring 2019-Spring 2020

Major: Global Studies with a minor in Educational Studies

Graduated: Spring 2020

Committees: Fundraising team and Networking and outreach tea

In the Fall quarter of her senior year Nikolina participated as one of the leaders of the fundraising team. She was able to help organize with the Winter Wonderland dance fundraiser for the exchange students who attended EF school. 

“This was a wonderful experience because I was able to meet and become close with students who are from all over the world. With our various backgrounds and cultures, we were able to organize an extremely fun and successful event. We retrieved both money and product donations from various stores and restaurants—which allowed us to serve food, drinks, and give out prizes at our dance. Our combined diverse thinking is what I think made this dance so successful. I think the most positive impact Worldhealer had on me is that it taught me the importance of being educated, well-rounded, and experienced. I learned how important it is to put yourself out into the world and get to know different people, different cultures, and different ways of doing things. My favorite memory at Worldhealer will always be our Winter Wonderland dance. We spent so much time and put in so much effort and seeing the smile on everyone’s faces when we all realized that we successfully accomplished the dance was the most rewarding feeling of all”.  



Emily worked on the Fund development committee writing and researching grants for Worldhealer. She has helped in finding ways to raise money through grants which is an important part that helps Worldhealer with its goals. It helped us to get the tools and support we needed to start new projects and take on new tasks. It taught me that all parts of the organization are valuable to sustaining our service. 


“Worldhealer taught me to be a better leader and how to work in a professional setting. We all supported each other and made sure each member had the support we needed to collaborate towards our goals. It really pushed me to become a better communicator and to lead a team effectively.  When Roxana had us all get together and make music with plastic pipes. She made us all take turns being the conductor and taught us what some of the skills were useful for being a team leader and a team member”.   


Emily Pollock

Winter 2020- Spring 2020


Major: Psychological and Brain Sciences and Religious Studies 

Graduated: June 2020

Committee: Fund 

Christina Valdivia

Spring 2019-Spring 2020

Major: Global Studies

Graduated: June 2020

Committees: Academic, Fund Development 

Christina collaborated with team members, researching local grants and matching funds to meet the goals of local organizations. She has helped Worldhealer in grant writing and assisted in the preparation of inquiry letters and applied for multiple grants and awards. 


“I learned about effective project collaboration and the tools and steps needed to create and lead workshops. I also was able to improve my professional writing and gained experience in grant writing and research. I loved all the meetings! We did a lot of fun bonding activities that improved our teamwork and communication. I loved it when we used plastic tubes and had to work together to replicate a sound pattern, it was difficult but so fun!” 



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