Customized Programs


All programs are all customized and personally designed with the specific goal of creating the most positive experience that works best for you and your needs. All programs can be developed to fit your goals, schedule and finance. 

"Quick Fix" 

1-Hour Introductory Session | $100
This is the best choice for those who want a quick jump start and only need a single conversation to get their thoughts in order, a soundboard and a push to help them take the steps they are already ready to make.


"Starter Kit"

Three 1-Hour Sessions | $450 
This option is great to use as a launching point for anyone who wants to identify their thoughts and start putting their ideas/feelings/dreams into motion.


"Right Now"

One Session at a time | $900 
Retainer based sessions are an option for those who want ongoing support in a non-structured format. This option can be used for a more "spontaneous" schedule on an as-needed basis. Package includes 5-prepaid hours that can be used by request.

Not sure which program is best for you? Don't worry!

Let's work together to create the best program for you.


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Inspirational Workshops + 

Speaking Engagements


After teaching in the classroom setting for 15 years and presenting interactive inspirational, self-appreciation and cultural awareness workshops since 2009 through my nonprofit organization Worldhealer. An endless variety of topics and formats are available to chose from.

Each audience is unique and my goal is to empower my audience with the tools and beliefs that they can achieve anything and everything they want in life. My passion inspires individuals to get excited about opportunities, businesses to increase synergy and performance.

I have often been invited as an expert key-note speaker featured at:


  • Domestic and International Conferences*

  • Corporate events

  • Business lunches

  • Employee appreciation workshops

  • School assemblies

  • University events

  • Other public forums

Inspirational Workshops and Speaking Engagements can be custom designed for the event and prices depend directly on the specifications of the designed program. 

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Programs + Prices

How to begin Personal or Professional Development

Let's start with an inquiry call – a complimentary 30-minute phone call to get a general overview of what is going on with you, your teen/young adult child, your company, department or team.


This call is to determine whether Change Maker is the best solution for you.


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Customized Packages

Personal or Professional Development Programs  

This is the best choice for individuals interested in Self Mastry or Career Development or parents/guardians interested in Youth Empowerment for their teenager/young adult child.


Phase I of Change Maker's Initial Personal of Profession Development Program includes the following:

  • Intake Interview and Assessment Evaluation 

  • Creating the Development Plan 

  • 12 on-going Development Sessions 

Phase I - Total Initial Cost = $1,800

My goal is to help you find direction and start seeing positive change in your life right away.


Based on the unique progress of each individual, we often use the opportunity to re-evaluate your goals at the end of each scheduled program package.  As a result, your Change Maker Individual Development Program is further designed after the Initial Phase is completed to incorporate your new goals, needs and frequency.  The on-going development programs can be custom designed and depends directly on the number of hours you desire and the personalized development of your program. 


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Organizational Transformation Program Package


This is the best choice for companies interested in providing staff with individual or team development or any level of organizational transformation within the company, departments or team.

Phase I of C
hange Maker's Initial Organizational Transformation Program includes the following:

  • Intake Interview with company contact person(s)

  • Assessment Evaluation of staff members involved

  • Creating the custom-designed Organizational Transformation Plan with your team 

  • Development of Your Company's Change Maker Organizational Transformation Program 

Phase II of Change Maker's Organizational Transformation Program is personally designed per the specific needs of each individual company, department or team. 

Your Change Maker Program will be designed after the Initial Phase is completed and the price will be determined based on the Program specifications. The cost of the Organizational Transformation Program - Phase II - depends directly on the number of staff being served, number of hours and the custom design of the program. 

Phase I - Total Initial Cost =  $2,500 

Phase II - Total Cost = $250/hour (pre-planned)

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"Side by Side" Program Package


These sessions are designed for 2 or 3 people at a time. This option is great to use when two or more people want to work together to make a change to improve a common area of their lives, such as a work or personal relationship. This is a great teamwork option and can be custom designed into a package.

Total Initial Cost = $100/hour + $100 each additional person

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**Change Maker believes that your emotional health is extremely important and financial challenges should not stand in the way of your ability to meet your goals. A sliding scale payment option is available. Eligibility is based on current income. Please inform me if you need assistance to help reduce the cost of your care.  

*All services, Inspirational Workshops and Speaking Engagements can be provided in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Farsi.