Be your best self.


Only when we find the courage to choose to be our true selves will we love ourselves enough to achieve the impossible. Use picture of a lighthouse.

Roxana has opened new realms
in my mind and soul. She has introduced me to new perspectives and inspirations about a life that I had never thought I could pursue or even consider. I have been so enlightened in my thoughts and desires for my future, all thanks to her." 
- Jonathan Collins, Sales Associate

Self Mastery

Personal Development



Fully stepping into who you are is a lifelong process.


Let me be the guide who travels alongside you for this leg of your journey towards happiness and self-actualization.


Once I learned to apply my passions to my day-to-day life, I knew that I was meant to be a guiding light and wayfinder for others who are seeking to do the same.  


I developed my 3-month Lighthouse program to help you create the vision for who you are becoming, so that you can fully realize that vision and radiate it out into the world.


By understanding yourself, identifying and acknowledging your tendencies, patterns, behaviors and responses to the world around you, you learn to master yourself. Together, we will:


  • Assess your personal skills and qualities

  • Discuss your dreams

  • Set goals to keep you on your desired path


This experience is different for everyone.


Through continual self-discovery, you’ll begin to master yourself and develop the ability to respond rather than react. Through the process, you’ll remove the obstacles that block your path and realize who you really are, actualizing your potential.


Regardless of your age, your circumstances or your reasons, it is never too late to commit to finding your best path to your happiness, growth, self-empowerment and success.


Who would you be if you were happy?

What does it take for you to be happy ... I mean the truest, wholehearted, happiest version of yourself?

What if the answer was as simple as giving yourself the opportunity to silence out the rest of the world for just a moment and give yourself the time to focus on you long enough to find the answer?

What if that included someone like me to listen to your thoughts as you develop them, provide a soundboard for you to explore your own views, and help guide you to find the path that brings your ideas to fruition?


I provide you with that space, that freedom, that potential for transformation in a place of trust and safety. I help create the best opportunity for self-exploration and shine a light on the best path to a more fulfilling life.

For the first three months we’ll work together weekly. Our agenda will be  based on the custom designed plan I develop for you during our first session. The plan will act as a tangible guide into your self-discovery for the weeks and months to come.


I will empower you to make your own choices, commit to your goals and execute the strategies that will help you reach your desired outcome.

After working with me you will:


  • Discover who you are becoming

  • Uncover your soul purpose in life

  • Feel more connected to your loved ones

  • Manage your time better and become more productive

  • Reduce stress and live a healthier lifestyle


Your personalized plan will outline how you can:


  • Acquire relevant knowledge, skills and attitude

  • Apply strategies and techniques to understand life experiences

  • Create new opportunities and a better future.


Together we identify what makes you who you are and determines where you want to go: by understanding the dynamics of the mind, the power of thought, positive thinking, the action process, the outcomes, we’ll figure out how to get you to your desired result.


3-Month Lighthouse Program: $PRICE HERE


Flashlight Sessions: $PRICE HERE

Bundle of 3 Flashlight Sessions: $PRICE HERE

(Use anytime you need my help to shine a light on areas that could use more clarity and illumination.)


Note: Flashlight sessions are for current and past clients that have already taken the initial 3-month, Lighthouse journey.


Are you ready to begin?

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