Envision your best self.
What does that feel like? 
How can you become that version of you?
Change Maker can help you make that happen.

​I am Change Maker.

I make change happen. I work with you to identify and implement required changes and development to improve production, efficiency and satisfaction within you, your teenager/young adult child, your company, organization, team 

to successfully achieve transformation and lasting benefits. 


We all need a champion. Who is yours?

We are who we are because of the experiences that we have had. I was lucky enough to have a champion from a very early age who always told me that there was nothing that I couldn't achieve because my potential was limitless. I learned to believe in myself, which evolved into my ability to see potential in people and value in all opportunities. 


Change Maker is my way of taking my talents and abilities and live in my passion. It gives me great joy to help others and in this way, I can be a champion for you. I can help transform anyone who is willing to face their fears and frustrations, admit they want to change their lifestyle and are ready to live their full potential.

​What can Change Maker do for you?

Through Change Maker, I have had the great pleasure of guiding clients to find their way by listening, identifying and helping them break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back. By supporting them to face their personal stress and challenges in life, I guide them to reach a place of emotional balance. We work together to identify their passions, set goals and develop strategic plans on how to achieve their ambitions and cultivate discipline they need to drive them forward towards those goals. Together we establish a place of mutual trust and security in which we can work to establish positive lifestyle changes, leading to inner peace and the ability to focus on long term self-love and happiness. Often our focus is to develop their educational and career paths, clarify their goals, master their sense of self to pave their own way towards the future they want for themselves. In turn results in achieving their goals. My efforts have proven that I can guide and empower anyone who would like inspiration, forward-movement and a champion toward self-betterment. Let me use my passion to help you find yours.