"Leadership is
a serious sacrifice
- not a power to dominate. The best leaders
first work on themselves
to achieve the necessary inner capabilities because their actions impact
millions of people.


Organizational Transformation

Happy Employees = More Productive Employees

What is Organizational Transformation?

Organizational Transformation is an opportunity to look at your company, department or team and decide where there is room for improvement. 

Are your employees doing well? Are they productive? Can they be more efficient and effective? Do they seem happy?

Well, considering that most people spent most of their day at work, don't you think that they should be fulfilled doing the activity that they are occupied with most of the time?


Happy employees are often more productive employees. People who are satisfied with their work life, take that sense of gratification home with them to their personal lives, enjoy their free time more and bring that joy back to work with them the next day - creating and continuing a cycle of focus and effectiveness in their work and improving the success of the workplace, their team and themselves.

Change Maker can help your company, organization, department and/or team:

  • Consult with clients to maximize efficiency operations including HR strategy, employee production enhancement plan, process design, and enabling technologies

  • Collaborate with clients and subject matter experts to identify areas that require attention and resolution

  • Establish and implement change management strategy plans to meet organization’s transformational goals, including: setting schedules, milestones, tangible performance, project goals and organizing assessment tools to measure project management performance and value

  • Redirect the use of resources, business process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly reshape a company, organization or team

  • Align talent acquisition function to the organization’s business strategy and strategic hiring needs through the integration of teams, processes and tools, and contingent resources

  • Create an effective education, training and/or skills upgrading scheme for the organization

  • Counter resistance from employees and align them to overall strategic direction of the organization

  • Deliver personal counseling (if required) to alleviate any change-related fears

  • Develop and applied operational, marketing and promotion, and fund development strategies

  • In food service industry: Reformation of administrative management including recording of daily totals, staff hours, tip distribution, and creation of graphic documentations (menus, records, etc.), computer maintenance and micros updating and redesign; collaboration with kitchen management to modify menu and special items, food preparation and presentation

  • Provide follow-up guidance and coaching to facilitate successful transformation to completion

  • Monitor and follow-up of the implementation and fine-tuning, as required

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