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“I have admired the hard working team at Worldhealer for years. I understand the impact of global awareness education. Having lived in different parts of the world and traveled to numerous countries, I can truly appreciate other cultures. As a parent, the curriculum is focused and engaging which leaves a strong impact on our youth. I truly wish we had something like this when I was growing up!” 

- Rehana Salahuddin Blunt

Our Board + Staff

Nicole Wilson

Rehana Salahuddin Blunt

Paris Mo

Susan Young

Emelin Gasparrini

Stephen Stirling

Hector "Willy" Ruckle

Rehana Salahuddin Blunt


San Marcos High School, Santa Barbara, CA - Class of 1994

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Your donation can provide life-changing opportunities, both locally and globally, like educational activities, cross-cultural exchanges, school supplies, nutritious meals, and much more.


Please support Worldhealer's efforts to find lasting, sustainable solutions to root causes of social and economic inequality and create the future leaders of change. Help individuals receive the tools to achieve their dreams. Make a contribution today!



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