Worldhealer's Programs

The Emerging Leaders Program

By inspiring creativity and social engagement, and empowering youth to have a voice in their communities, Worldhealer builds the leaders of tomorrow.

The Global Awareness Program

By cultivating an understanding of and appreciation for cultural diversity, develop critical thinking skills, Worldhealer incites our youth to practice reasoning with a global perspective when thinking and discussing ideas and issues.

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The Teen Global Awareness Program

By creating the program in a way that attracts teens and demonstrates to teens the validity and importance of their impact in the world, we empower a future generation of leaders. 

The Studio Program

Developed as a reproducible model and envisioned as a place where young people can find activities that help with their physical, mental and emotional growth and development, Worldhealer motivate students to have more interest in school while having fun and filling their time with educational and healthy activities.

The Community Development Program

By empowering individuals to develop self–identity, Worldhealer creates positive prospects for their future and benefits the community collectively. Communities thrive when individuals appreciate and respect their cultural assets and develop their own resources.