Evolution is a constant process of individual courage and creativity.
 "Roxana is truly one of a kind. When I met her, I wasn't in a good place but she helped me through it. She was my rock - I could always count on her. She showed me with her own experiences that it's never too late to change and that you can always achieve your goals if you set your mind to it - giving up isn't an option. I love that about her. She is always moving forward and never giving up and she leads by example. She is an inspiration and it is amazing that she wants to share this with other people. She truly has a gift." 
- Mireille Brons, student

Personal Development

Be your best self.

Professional development can be defined in two ways, either development of professional behaviors and capabilities of an individual or of a group.

First, professional development can be the development of an individual’s career, which empowers him/her to identify the areas in which he/she is unsatisfied at work and how this effects all areas of the individual’s life. The process allows him/her to recognize what is missing and how to incorporate those items into his/her daily work environment, reassess the career he/she is currently in and decide what would be some solutions to find more satisfaction in their work.

Professional development leads to restimulating our professional lives by bringing about changes in behavior and finding and activating tools needed to progress. It is a collaborative process which requires self-awareness, participation and commitment. It goes hand-in-hand with self mastery but focuses on making our passions into the career we use to make our livelihood.

I guide the participant to identify their passion, cultivate options, career choices and transitions, building or managing a practice, improving marketing and self-promotional techniques, and cultivating executive or other high-performer skills. However, it is actually the participant who is actually making the choices, committing to his/her goals and executing the actions that will get them to their desired outcome.

Change Maker provides support in at least four areas:

  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses

  • Setting goals

  • Planning and implementing strategy

  • Integrating and sustaining change

    SELF MASTERY------

What is Personal Development?


Personal development is often defined as a lifelong process. It is a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realize and maximize their potential. It requires having a vision for your future self, and committing to the will to realize that vision. Self mastery is the path to that vision and it is often defined as self-control, the ability to exert a strong will against our impulses, live with intention and awareness and consciously navigate our future to one of our choosing.


By understanding ourselves, identifying and acknowledging our tendencies, patterns, behaviors and responses to the world around us, we learn to master ourselves. This experience is different for everyone. Through self-discovery, we learn to master ourselves, develop the ability to respond rather than react, and remove the obstacle we create in our own paths, realizing who and what we really are, actualizing our potential in the process. Regardless of your age, your circumstances or your reasons, it is never too late to commit finding your best path to personal change, growth, self empowerment and success.

For adults: Self Mastery

For teenagers and young adults: Youth Empowerment

- Jennifer Montgomery, Mother
 “I first met Roxana when I brought my teenage daughter to her after we suffered a loss in our family. My daughter wasn’t doing well in therapy but she still needed help to process her grief. Roxana treated her like a big sister or aunt, not like a counselor. She talked to my daughter like a wise friend who listens and gives advice. It amazed me how she could make my daughter feel so comfortable and safe enough to share her deepest feelings with her after only the first session. Roxana even invited me to sit in on some sessions to help mediate our relationship which has greatly strengthen the way my daughter and I communicate. The most incredible part is that my daughter looks forward to her time with Roxana. She has worked through her grief so now we use the sessions for other teen issues, like building self-confidence, getting past test anxiety and preparing for college.”