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In an increasingly globalized world, Worldhealer believes that poverty and disadvantage in one area has widespread negative economic and social effects on the entire globe. In order to decrease these effects, we need to address the problems at their source by providing opportunities for individuals to participate in the betterment of their lives and community.

The first priority of The Studio Program's is to provide youth in underprivileged communities a safe, supervised environment in which to study and play while they are not in school. This program will provide snacks and supplemental meals as well as basic tutorial assistance to help with schoolwork. The Studio is open to all members of the community regardless of age, school level or social status. 

“A Studio” is designed as a community center. It has been developed as a reproducible model and envisioned as a place where young people can find activities that help with their physical, mental and emotional growth and development. A variety of activities are available within the areas of academic, physical, health, environmental and cultural education which will supplement and assist in their mandatory school instruction. The Studio is intended to motivate students to have more interest in school while having fun and filling their time with educational and healthy activities. An extended goal for the Studio is adult vocational training programs to promote legal employment and adult participation in the local communities. These programs provide avenues for positive involvement in the community and a second chance at a sustainable lifestyle.

Worldhealer will be monitoring each individual's progress; whether it is improvement at school, involvement in the community, or incorporation into the work force. Eligible participants can benefit from donated incentives including free courses at the Studio, field trips, books, equipment, meals, and medical services. Incentives will be facilitated by Worldhealer and provided by domestic and international donations and/or partners. Future incentives may include repairing or rebuilding homes, which will be provided by Worldhealer through both domestic and international donations, volunteers and partnerships. Partners providing living and/or housing assistance will be responsible for determining eligibility of studio members.

Worldhealer encourages collaborative partnerships with charitable organizations that support similar goals and objectives.

The Global Program is currently on hold pending funding. 

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"Roxana has opened new realms
in my mind and soul. She has introduced me to new perspectives and inspirations about a life that I had never thought I could pursue or even consider. I have been so enlightened in my thoughts and desires for my future, all thanks to her." 
- Jonathan Collins, Sales Associate
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