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Worldhealer's Global Awareness Program Background


In an effort to work towards systemic change by reducing racism and discrimination, Roxana Bonderson founded Worldhealer, Inc. in 2009 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Santa Barbara, California.


By fostering the intellectual and personal growth of young people worldwide, Worldhealer empowers the next generation of changemakers and promotes sustainable community development—thus transforming limiting thoughts into comprehension and empowerment.

The current economic downturn has led to the reduction in education spending at every level, with Santa Barbara’s local school districts cutting their operating budgets by over $30 million in the last several years, predominantly in the arts, culture and social sciences.


Why is our work important?

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The youth of the United States face increasing universal challenges: limited educational access, rising unemployment, economic stagnation, environmental degradation, often poor access to quality health care and few venues for meaningful, forward-thinking community development activities. 


With the removal and/or reduction of GATE, accelerated classes, extracurricular service clubs, and other cuts, we want to provide opportunities for students to remain focused and motivated to expand their education, and to ensure there will be extracurricular activities available in the community to supplement the development of all students. Research reveals that supplemental school programs in the greater Santa Barbara area lack a globally centered approach in their discussion of the political, social, economic, and environmental forces impacting the world today. In other words, there is nothing quite like Worldhealer here in Santa Barbara.

Worldhealer seeks to enact change through two primary programs:


Worldhealer's Global Awareness Program

Global Awareness Program

Our Global Awareness Program is hosted as a student-run club on the UCSB campus called Worldhealer’s Global Awareness Club. Although the local program depends on UCSB students, it is not limited to the university. Worldhealer provides young adults and university students with the opportunity to develop a program that is student driven under the supervision of a certified nonprofit.

Teen Global Awareness Program

Worldhealer's Teen Global Awareness Club (Teen GAC) is a 6-week after-school program aimed at  7-8th graders and 9-12th graders. The program is led by the older participants from Worldhealer's Global Awareness Club at UCSB in order to promote the student-to-student mentorship model and aims to introduce local teens to a broader global perspective.


Worldhealer's Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to empower young adults by allowing them to engage in social activism, spread cultural awareness, and help them develop professional skills. Participants not only run the program but they also benefit by going through a 6-week leadership and entrepreneurship training program that encourages them to grow and develop their personal leadership style while practicing hard and soft skills. After completion of their training, participants become leaders of the program and decide whether they want to advance within the organization, what skills they hope to develop, and areas in which they want to progress. 

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