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The Teen Global Awareness Program


Worldhealer is committed to increasing the impact of our current program by recruiting, training, and mentoring youth in the community,, thereby creating a sustainable Teen GAC Program. Our goal from the inception of the Global Awareness Club at UCSB has always been to complete our student-to-student mentorship program by adding a stable teen component. This provides learning and teaching opportunities to both the young adults and university-aged student leading the program and the teens who are participating in it.

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Teen GAC is a 6-week after-school program aimed at  7-8th graders and 9-12th graders. The program is led by the older participants from Worldhealer's Global Awareness Club at UCSB in order to promote the student-to-student mentorship model and aims to introduce local teens to a broader global perspective.
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The program offers educational workshops based upon topics that build on each other every week, focusing on important details while also connecting back to the "bigger picture." The workshops will also provide a variety of discussion opportunities that will enable the students to relate to the topics and apply the themes to their own experiences. The Teen GAC workshops conducted to date have proven to foster the artistry of debate, critical analysis, and the development and articulation of an educated opinion. Each workshop focuses on a wide range of current events, and facilitates the students’ ability to confidently advocate on the issues they are passionate about. The intended goal for this program is for the students to share their newfound knowledge with their communities.

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