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The Global Awareness Program


Our Global Awareness Program is hosted as a student-run club on the UCSB campus. It is called Worldhealer’s Global Awareness Club. However it is important to note that although the local program depends on UCSB students, it is not limited to the university. Worldhealer coordinates our activities, mentors our students, and raises funds on our behalf.

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Worldhealer provides young adults and university students with the opportunity to develop a program that is student driven under the supervision of a certified nonprofit. The Global Awareness Program consists of three core committees:




  • Design global awareness workshop lesson plans for the specific grade level that they will be working with.

  • Occasionally custom-made for a class based on a teacher specified request or an identified need or request.

  • Find schools to work with

  • Coordinate schedules, plans and workshop info with the teacher or school.

  • Focus: Communicating with different audiences, workshop creation, formal emails writing, cross committee scheduling 


Fund Development


  • Sustain WH-GAC’s Academic Program.

  • Create fundraising opportunities such as cultivating donor relationships, grant writing, public outreach & other types of financial support.

  • Creating club social activities that reward the members of GAC for all of their hard work and dedication.

  • Focus: Research & Professional writing




  • Social media marketing (Instagram, Facebook, other)

  • On-campus promotion & outreach

  • Finding new partnership, outreach and fundraising opportunities

  • Creating in-person and online fundraising and crowdfunding events

  • Developing the evolution of the Worldhealer brand

  • Focus: Visual communication, content creation, internal communication to translate workshops to an online platform


Worldhealer believes that the youth of our community are an untapped resource, and by including us in the development and implementation of this program, they enable us to foster ownership of our community and to develop skills that are useful outside the classroom. 

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