Worldhealer's Global Awareness Program


The Global Awareness Program (GAP) is an educational youth development initiative created by Worldhealer and run by GAC members. GAP employs a combination of Worldhealer’s expertise and student innovations to create and present age conscious and original workshops that aim to supplement curriculums of local K-12 schools through in-class presentation, and/or after-school programs. Its focus is to further cultivate an understanding of and appreciation for cultural diversity, develop critical thinking skills, and incites our youth to practice reasoning with a global perspective when thinking and discussing ideas and issues.


Worldhealer’s Global Awareness Club

Worldhealer’s Global Awareness Club is a committed group of college-age students working towards increasing global awareness and philanthropy. We value the importance of learning about the world and recognize the importance of being exposed to various cultural practices and backgrounds of diversity from a young age. GAC understands that teachers work incredibly hard to promote an interest in education and positive social values, while adhering to a very full curriculum. Often, with the heavy load of required materials, teachers may not have as many opportunities as they would like to fit global awareness into this framework, and this is where GAC can help.      


Worldhealer's Global Awareness Club and Emerging Leaders Program at UCSB

The flagship Global Awareness Program and it's corresponding Emerging Leaders Program was founded as a student led club at UCSB in Santa Barbara, California. It is affectionately called Worldhealer’s Global Awareness Club (GAC).

Participants of the Global Awareness Program are given the responsibility and the liberty to design, plan, and execute the program as they feel fits the current political climate. The club evolves and adapts to the current members and global trends.

Together, club members:

  • share current global topics, discussing and learning from one another;

  • decide what content they are interested in sharing with others;

  • learn and pass on their knowledge, reinforcing their own learning process as they forge student–to–student mentorship with each other and younger students;

  • create and lead global awareness workshops to teach younger age groups (grades K-12);

  • influence younger students by positive example, broadening their horizons and encouraging them to become proactive in their personal development;

  • develop their leadership skills by practicing to run their program as a small business, therefore also practicing entrepreneurship.


By giving college-age students the opportunity to run the program, the club member learn the skills required to manage each aspect of their club as a “company”, have direct positive impact on their community, advance their personal growth and gain valuable experience which they can use to find sustainable, rewarding employment when they have finished their studies.

What does Worldhealer’s UCSB Global Awareness Club do?

  • GAC members create and present educational workshops for individual classrooms, or after-school programs at local schools. We have a list of previously created topics to choose from and are open to new requests to custom-make curriculum - each presentation lasts from 40-60 minutes (although lengths may be reasonably altered to fit schedules).

  • Presentations include an informational presentation portion, often consisting of a PowerPoint and handouts, and an interactive portion that may entails a craft or thought exercise, depending on the age group.

  • Our interactive workshops utilize everything from embedded questions, pictures, videos, music, dance, art projects, discussions, debates, and critical analysis.

  • We can work directly in a classroom in conjunction with a teacher, or custom create an afterschool program, or one time themed event that includes workshops and activities. These events can be arranged to include a single class, whole grade, entire school or students with parents.

  • GAC is supervised by Worldhealer and all GAC curriculums have been reviewed and approved Worldhealer prior to being added to our Workshop Library or presented in the schools.

Club Involvement

There are three different involvement levels for club members at UCSB:

Level One: Basic Club Involvement

The first level of involvement is to join the Global Awareness Club as a club member. The club meets once a week for 1.5 hours at UCSB. The meeting day and time may change each quarter. This weekly meeting time is considered a supervised work session during which club members work together to plan events, develop curricula for their weekly global awareness workshops, practice presentations for their weekly workshops, and set schedules for additional meetings (as needed). They also use this time to make announcements to the overall group, organize committee collaboration for workshops and/or fundraising and networking events and invite guest speakers to come and present lessons for the club members to learn from.

The club is divided up into two committees (1) the Academic Committee and (2) the Fund Development and Networking Committee. Students get to decide which committee they want to actively focus on, however both committees provide back–up support to the other committee for each other’s events whenever needed.

In general, participants are welcome to join the club for any length of time. It is not a problem if they cannot stay for the length of the whole year, as long as they are consistent with their attendance during the quarter to which they commit.

Level Two: Basic Club Involvement and Emerging Leadership Training Program

Club members are also invited to go through the Emerging Leadership Training Program which would give them more hours and a team fundraising project to work towards. It is a learning and hands–on training opportunity that requires them to be available for the length of the UCSB quarter for completion. In the event that the student remains in the club for another quarter or more, they are encouraged to take on more responsibility and to lead the club committees. Members do not need to continue their participation the following quarter in order to attend the Emerging Leadership Training Program.

Level Three: Basic Club Involvement, Emerging Leadership Training Program and Worldhealer Volunteership:

The Worldhealer volunteership can be done without full involvement in the Club but would be best if offered to a student who is also participating in the Academic, Fund Development and Communications Committee (listed above) since the several tasks of a member of the organization would ultimately require coordination with the Club. This position would require several additional hours beyond the club and is a good fit for those looking to complete a more intensive hourly requirement for their volunteer credits. The member could be involved with all three levels listed above or a combination of the activities of the three levels, as agreed upon at the beginning of the volunteership.


Frederick Ndabaramiye, a young survivor of the Rwandan Genocide, speaking to Worldhealer’s UCSB Global Awareness Club about the issues facing his country and the work he does through his organization, The Ubumwe Community Center, in Gisenyi, Rwanda, to bring tolerance and unity to his own people.

"Roxana’s devotion has been 
indispensable to the progress I have made since 2011 when I moved to the United States for college. It was my first time away from home and I lost my father when I was alone. Roxana cultivated a safe and trusting space in which she encouraged me to reflect on my feelings and identify my personal strength to get me through that very stressful time in my life. She helped me see how my positive qualities could 
contribute to my success in reaching the outcomes that I desire. She actively helped me develop my ability in problem solving, time organization, crisis management and leadership. Roxana has assisted me in developing my resume and empowered me to go after the career that I have worked so hard for and not to ever give up". 
-Paris Mo, Program Coordinator
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