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The Emerging Leaders Program


The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to empower young adults by allowing them to engage in social activism, spread cultural awareness, and help them develop professional skills. Participants go through a

6-week leadership and entrepreneurship training program that encourages them to grow and develop their personal leadership style while practicing hard and soft skills.

After completion of the 6-week leadership and entrepreneurship training program, participants become leaders of the program and decide whether they want to advance within the organization, what skills they hope to develop, and areas in which they want to progress.
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Our leaders are the true backbone of our program as they run every aspect of the organization through our Global Awareness Program. They are in turn given the freedom to shape the program to mirror the current political, social, and cultural events in the world, and consequently learn how to be a part of a company by running the academic, fundraising, and communications aspects of the entire nonprofit organization. Leaders create captivating workshops for participants that engage their imagination about the world, participate in network-building and outreach activities, and manage content creation through social media marketing. They also leave their personalities on the work they produce as members of the organization.

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